Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Moscow on the Hill - September 3, 2010

The first official meeting of FNF-TC met on a cool and breezy evening on September 3, 2010. Our original plans were foiled by an expiring Groupon, but we ended up having a lovely time anyways! We consumed a lot of food, a lot of vodka, and surprisingly, we were able to share two chocolate truffles amongst five people!

We sampled vodka from Sweden, England, Russia, France, and Poland. We feasted on dumplings, pork, salmon, mushrooms and cheesy goodness, and of course the truffles...chocolate...*drool*.

The vodka was so smooth that I was able to drink a shot of it and not want to die. It actually tasted good! No more Phillips for me!

In terms of service, I don't remember anything that stood out as either really bad or really good. I do remember that it was very loud and dark inside. I was sometimes distracted by the music and chatter and also felt my eyes adjusting to the dim light. It was all good though and it was fun to be there with a fun group of friends who all enjoy vodka.

Check out Moscow on the Hill at the link below. If you like rich, hearty food, and vodka then you won't be disappointed!